Thursday, 16 December 2010

Still plodding on

I haven’t written anything for a while only ‘cause I haven’t done much that warrants writing about really. In November I did the Keithothon aka the original Marcothon just because I was running anyway, I only had a couple of days that I had to make an effort to go out the door, I wasn’t doing big miles so I didn’t find it too hard to complete. The hardest day was the Sunday after Glen Clova Half Marathon, I had quite a wee struggle during the race and just after half way I just felt empty, no reserves at all, and even a wee bit light headed at the end although I had eaten plenty before hand. After finishing I stopped to talk to a couple of guys I was running with but I thought I was going to faint so took a wee jog up the car park to keep my blood circulating, I got shouted at! “Don’t you know when to stop!” I just laughed, I didn’t want to explain I wasn’t showing off just trying not to faint!” I did feel a bit better after a big slab of Gordon’s Rocky Road. Then the Marcothon started, again I wasn’t planning big miles and with the snow it just added to the challenge, at first I was like a wee kid, loving it, kicking along in a wee half inch, then a couple of inches then this is getting seriously deep, every day I went out along my 5 mile Torryburn route, I took my camera, photos this is my routine run of the mill, at least once a week, all seasons, all weathers tootle but I never get fed up with it. The harder the conditions got the more I revelled in it, I couldn’t get to work for the first time ever. My car was off the road, purely my fault, I didn’t clear the snow from the roof, it was frozen on and I couldn’t reach but after a short trip it melted enough to send an avalanche down my windscreen and my bonnet take my wipers with it. The whole thingy under the bonnet needed replace. £174, I’ll get a step ladder and a pick axe next time!
Yesterday I started Christmas shopping, I’m not worried about being behind, I’ll get there in the end. Still managing the Marcothon, I’m not superstitious but the only day I’ve fallen was the 13th, it was quite a sair yin, I hit the ice hard and had to walk a few minutes waiting for the light-headedness and queasiness to pass, but I didn’t cheat, I stopped my watch while I walked.

In October I had a bit of a wobble with the thought of a hard winter but do you know what, the thought of something is worse than it actually happening. I didn’t feel the need to fill the freezer with bread, I’m still running. Winter – nae bother, there is more to come, that‘s ok, do your worst. The more challenging things become the more I’m thinking “BRING IT ON!”