Saturday, 29 August 2015

This time next week

I’ve just read through my race tales for Glenmore 24.  Some tough but brilliant memories in there, and I know that this year is going to add some more to cherish.

Here's the links to my previous G24s if you want to read them.

It doesn’t matter if your training has gone well and if you are well prepared, it still requires a lot of luck if everything is going to go according to game plan A, which for 24 hours, very rarely happens!  But I am feeling strong and raring to go… and a little emotional.  This is my first big race since my cancer treatment in 2013 that I feel that I’m back to full strength and able to gie it laldy. (WHW doesn't count, that's purely for the pleasure)  No matter the distance I get I will be pushing my best effort and when Ada sounds the finishing horn, don’t panic when I go face down on the grass, I will have given my all, (if you are beside me and it’s as wet as last year, make sure my head is not under water and drag me out of the swamp so as I don’t drown.)

Am I capable of the 27 laps I managed in 2011 and 2012?  I don’t know… but I’ll be trying, my body has had quite an assault and I’m looking forward to finding out how it will perform.  Training has been fairly minimal since the WHW, I feel recovery is more important than banging out miles or races, I had a quality training run at the new Fort William Marathon, which I found fairly tough but I have a rule for marathons - no walking allowed!  There a fair few hills in this marathon and I managed to keep to my rule until the last wee steep bugger within 400 metres of the finish, but I was consoled that the race winner also walked that hill too.  

So game plan A, to do the same as the first two years, that would be absolutely bloody marvellous, maybe a big ask but no harm in aiming high.  Plan B, the 100 miles, that would be fantastic and hopefully a realistic goal, Plan C, to remain upright and moving forward for the whole 24 hours, I managed that last year so I don’t doubt I can do it again, except I do not want to finish this year wrapped in a Granny blanket hugging a mug of tea!

The toughest time in a 24 hour race is usually around 4.00am but I have a brilliant wee boost for at that time of the morning, if all is going according to the plan and I’m knocking out consistent laps I will be finishing my 18th lap around 4.00am, that doesn’t sound so special, but adding up all my laps from my previous G24’s it will be my 100th Glenmore24 Race lap. Think I might have a wee celebratory beer waiting for me after the 18th,  maybe a bottle of BrewDog 5.00am will be appropriate!

There is no plan D… well, if it really goes more pear-shaped than Kim Kardashian’s bahooky as long as I get further than Ally K I’ll be happy. (Hee hee, just a little friendly rivalry)  This year, Pauline, Ally and I are setting up together with Ken and Donna doing our support, now as much as I will be a diva I will not swear at Ken and Donna but Mr Macpherson, you know I don’t take prisoners, if I see you sitting down for any reason other than sorting your feet you will hear language that will curl your toes and make your hair do funny things! COME ON!

Wishing everyone a fantastic race, there is no hiding in a 24 hour race, it's going to be tough but let's all give our best, and if this isn’t on your playlist it should be!