Monday, 19 April 2010

Lochaber Marathon

I am pleased with my run at Lochaber, my finishing time of 4.15 was not going to break any records, (the last time I ran 4.15 for a marathon was last year at Loch Ness two weeks after doing 107 miles at the 24 hour race!) But I’m happy with it because I’m now fully recovered from all the bits of illness and injury I’ve had since the start of the year.

I was able to increase my pace from picnic pace to work as hard as I can but don’t expect miracles cause I’ve done bugger all speed work pace. (My splits were around and between 9 ½ and 10 ½ minute miles) I might be fat and slow but at least I can run consistently! Well, I might not really be that fat but I am still closer to my Christmas weight than my fighting weight, and I blame having a skinny fast twin for my Dawn French body dysmorphia! Pauline, go get yer lunch from Greggs ya scrawny git!

Lochaber marathon is a lovely route out and back along the Mallaig road and the weather was fine and sunny with a bit of a cool breeze from time to time, perfect running conditions and the view of the Ben was stunning on the way back to Fort William, sparkling snow on the summit in a crystal clear sky.

When I reached the turn around I decided to count the runners I’d pass on the way back and how many would pass me. Only one guy went by me just after the turn and I overtook 17 runners. With about one mile to go there’s a silly wee hill which can be a bit of a bugger if you’re knackered, I’d just got myself up it then I heard from about 10 yards behind a bloke coming up the hill, I didn’t look round but I had a good old laugh to myself, what an effort it must have been for him, he sounded like he was giving birth! I’m not particularly competitive against other runners but after running the last twelve miles with no one passing me I wasn’t going to let some drama queen (no offence to the real DQ) get me in the last mile. I pushed as hard as I could, he was still close behind and thought he might try for the heroic beat the girl over the finish line as we hit the grass of the shinty field, I pushed even harder for the last 100 yards and I got there first. Yaaay! Small victory, I know but it made it fun.

Well Done to Gail, second lady and with Pauline’s steady last long training run with loads of layers for her warm weather training before heading to Brive, France for the 24 hour World Championship and Linda, knocking a lump off her previous marathon time to win the 1st team prize.

All the best to Gail, Bob Allison, John Pickard and Ray McCurdy, well done for the marathon and now have less than a week for a wee taper before the Highland Fling!


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

You're crazy! But still amazing. Well done. Sounds like you enjoyed it, which to me, is the main thing.

I get the body dysmorphia. I need to stop hanging out with Sharon :-) You are a wee slip of thing though.

See you Saturday :-) xx

kate said...

26 miles on the road! sounds painful ;) good running though, nice one. more miles in those legs.

Lee Maclean said...

Fi, you always make it sound like such fun and a bit of a giggle.

I had my lunch from Greggs today....something that was supposed to be soup :-( xx

4 Winds said...

Hi Fiona,

Cracking blod and nice photos. Inspiring stuff!


Anonymous said...

Scrawny git! Hmmm - I'll take that as a compliment for now - seein' as I'll have to be on my best behaviour until after you've done my support!

Anonymous said...

You looked like you were enjoying yourself when I saw you. Cracking views on the way back.