Monday, 10 May 2010

World and European 24 hour Championships, Brive, France

I’m flying to Brive, France soon (volcano permitting!) to do Pauline’s support in the 24 hour World and European Championships. Running for Great Britain is an immense privilege and Pauline has been focussing on this for a while and needs someone doing support she can depend on totally, that will be me then! This is Pauline’s fourth British vest and I’ve been there for her during all her other races. I pride myself that when Pauline is running I will have everything under control and Pauline knows it, so she can concentrate purely on running, she has no doubt that I’ll be able to deal with whatever problems arise. It is a double edge sword pushing and supporting someone you love when they’re doing something emotionally, mentally and physically tough but I think twins do have an advantage over other siblings, spouses or friends; we’ve been poking each other in the eye since before we were born and she’ll be getting no sympathy from me! I will do my utmost to get the best from her.

I have the inspiration sorted, there has been many a truly inspiring word spoken by the WHW family and there’s a couple in particular that work for me, one from my favourite pirate to his lady love during a pep talk while she was doing her leg of the Fling relay and the other from my favourite Aussie. Dress code for Team GB is standard tracksuit etc. and I was given a warm sweatshirt last year for Bergamo, Italy and I’ll be wearing it in the wee sma’ hours to keep me cosy but with a wee personal touch, well, I don’t want my neck to get cold now do I. Also I’ll slip into this cheeky wee number at some point during the proceedings.
If you’re interested here a couple of websites that should be doing updates during the race.

The race starts 9.00am UK time on Thursday, if you would like me to pass on a message to Pauline and the rest of the team during the race, here’s my mobile No. 07510270113. Please don’t be offended when I don’t reply, I’ll be a tad busy since I’ll be supporting Stephen Mason as well but he’s easy to look after, he doesn’t do diva demands. Pauline does admit that it’s just me that gets both barrels when she’s not a happy bunny, she’s loads more polite when others are doing her support but she knows I won’t take the huff and if it helps her release anxieties and relax I’m doing my job! Besides I get to shout back… but I don’t have to, I’ll just make her read my t-shirt!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Pauline and to you. Supporting is tough too.
Ken and Sue

Keith Hughes said...

Sensational - go well and have a great run Pauline. Fiona - kick her arse !! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good on you..... both of you.... You can be sure Family will be closely following progress.

Which WHW buff will you be sporting? The Piratical one??


John Kynaston said...

Thanks for letting us know this is on so we can follow your progress.

Have a great trip and I hope the race goes to plan or even better!

All the best.

Vicky Hart said...

Good luck to Pauline, and to you. I hope everything goes well.

I LOVE your tshirt!


NORRY said...

Good Luck To You Both

Have Fun!!!

kate said...

good luck to both of you. please post photos of the t-shirt in 'action' ;)

will be following pauline's progress.

Lee Maclean said...

Hey Fe,
Yes, Dave should stick to running, support aint his bag. But I'm glad my 'pep talk' from him tickled you.
Good luck to you all. I'll keep an eye on progress.

Mrs Mac x