Monday, 25 April 2011

Here we, here we, here we Flingin’ go!

Last Monday I posted my entry for the Highland Fling, it followed my longest run of the year on the Sunday, 22 miles at a sedate pace on a lovely sunny afternoon. So far this year I’ve only had two 13 mile runs on the WHW, two 16 milers and one 17 mile run on my local routes. I’m not panicking, my muscles have a good memory! Besides I’m not racing, just heading out for a day in my comfort zone with family.

Today I see my name’s on the start list so I’ll start thinking about a "race plan", I’ve never ran either of the half Way races but I’ve never missed a Devil O’ the Highlands and always managed to be some runner’s groupie. Last year I really enjoyed my leg in the Fling relay and supporting all the other runners.

I don’t really care what time I do I’ve got 15 hours to play with and as a Fifer I don’t like to see waste, I may use them all, I’ve just checked my WHW splits for Tyndrum and the fastest I’ve gone through is 13 hours 37 mins. As a rough guide that will do for a goal.

I expect I’ll choke a bit on the dust from all the other girlies and old gits as they thunder off at the 6.00am start, but it would be nice to have bit of encouragement from the rest of the Flingers as you whoosh past me. There were a few memorable words spoken at last years Fling from the Pirate to his lady love, I found them so inspiring I had them printed on a T-shirt along with an Aussie acronym.
Feel free to shout them at me as you go by.

(as modelled by a couple of Scottish Ultras finest)


Davie said...

And Richie didn't even need a man sized one!

gillianmcc said...

well i'm running (that may be an exaggeration!) leg one so I'll no catch you, but hopefully spy you later on :)

Anonymous said...

Will you and Richie be running together?


Thomas said...

Yeah, I think that shirt is a good idea for Richie too.
Remember last year? ;-)

See you Saturday :-)

Thomas said...

Well I should not have said that... the mighty champion will kick my a*se big time on Saturday :-)

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

ha Tam, revenge for me on Saturday???!! ;o)