Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Plan A then B then C. Whatever!

At the beginning of the year there was a slim chance I might’ve been selected to run the 24 hour race at the Commonwealth Championship in September but as the year progressed my slim chance became nae chance but not to worry there are a few other girls that are loads faster and deserve a shot of doing Scotland proud.

So I thought I’d wait until after the WHW then enter Tooting Bec 24 hour so after the WHW I had my usual week of no running then gradually just running to how I felt, which was a big slow sack o’ tatties that was taking ages to recover so I decided that since 24 hour running is all about the distance you get there is no point in putting myself through it, there is no way I would get anywhere near my goal at the pace the I’ve been running this year so I’ll give it a miss and just look forward to taking it easy until the Loch Ness Marathon.

Last week I began to feel a wee bit spritely and took myself out for about 13 miles, the longest I’ve done since the WHW, I thought I might do the Speyside Way Race, I still have a ghost to bury regarding that race and I’ve waited six years already.

Then on Monday I went out for about 16 miles, just kept a nice easy pace, by about 15 miles I hit comfortable, I was in my ultra groove so decided to do 18 miles then revised it again and thought I’d just round it up to 20 miles. So on the strength of that I considered the Glenmore24 I ran the idea by Pauline yesterday, she thought it was a good idea and she would do my support, I laughed when she said it would be good to watch me suffer as it would help her get her head in gear for her own 24 hour race a fortnight later! Cheers Pauline! But suffering is just a state of mind not a physical thing. I just plan to have fun, the Glenmore is like no other 24 hour race I’ve either ran or supported. It’s going to be on a huge lap of 4 miles of trail and scenery so I’m just going to do it, no pressure of how far I will get, whatever the distance it will be a whole lot further than not running a 24 hour race!

I’ve posted my entry today before I change my mind again and besides I’ve got a cracking new bit of kit, high tech it ain’t but it is still essential. Erin made a bead bracelet for me. A wee bit of inspiration goes a long way…


John Kynaston said...

All the best for your 24hr race.

Love the bracelet.

Chris Carver said...

A bit of inspiration does indeed go a long way ... and that bracelet is just the type of inspiration I love.

To this day I take to all my races a teddy bear hand made by Fay (my wife).

She gave it to me the first time she couldn't be there in person as her way of watching over me. She thinks 24 hr running is dangerous stuff.

And who am I to disagree.

All the best for your race in September.

Debs M-C said...

Brilliant! Love the bracelet. You can't beat the personal touch. Happy birthday, wee yin xx