Thursday, 2 May 2013

A great day out.

I wasn't running the Fling any more but I didn’t want to miss it so after Gillian had picked up Pauline she got me at 4.00am and we were in Milngavie for 5.00am, I felt ok with not running knowing there was no way it was going to happen.  It was lovely to chat and be hugged, I wanted to wish folk well but with it being busy I didn’t get round everyone.  Pauline registered and got herself organised then it was time for the start.  This year everyone went off together in the biggest herd of ultra -runners I've seen!

Gillian and I waited and watched the start of the relay then headed off to Rowardennan, we were helping with the drop bags.  Mrs Mac was in charge and Alan and Robin had started laying out the bags, it wasn't too long before they were all laid out and more helpers arrived when runners were coming through thick and fast.

Now there is no right or wrong thing for eating in an ultra, it is very much go with what feels right for you but my jaw dropped with variety and quantity.  Fair enough, have a choice of a couple of things if  you're not sure what you might fancy but I thought some folk must have been feeding a legion! After runners had been through and finished with their bags we gathered together all unopened food and placed to the front if anyone fancied something different,  I wasn't really surprised that no fancied the pack with two giant scotch eggs, the large tub of pasta or a whole Soreen loaf!  At least The Wilderness Response Team took all the energy gels to be used later.  Rabbit the Bruce was in charge of Pauline’s drop bag, its contents, a wee Twix and a dinky can of coke.

It was great fun being there, shouting at folk and getting sweaty runner hugs, even modelling the Blizzard Jacket for the Wilderness Response Team (a brilliant bit of kit, and about the size of a couple of slices of bread when vacuum packed.)  
                                         Not sure if it was me or her drop bag Alyson was pleased to see

When there were only a handful of bags left Gillian and I went on Tyndrum for the finish.  I'm sorry I missed Robin, he had headed off to do a bit of support but before he left he gave Julie a wee present to pass on to me, a wee pair of pink boxing gloves, Lee fastened them to the zip on my jacket, they're still there and I think a perfect place to keep them. Thank you Robin. x  (I heard you had a great day too, kissing all the girls at Crainlarich!) 

We began helping Ellen hand out medals, what a view looking down that finishing straight.  Watching and encouraging everyone reach their goal, some looked very painful, some were sprinting, some were an infectious emotional achievement, other's I shouted at to stroll faster! 

Discussing my treatment with Ellen, I wasn't sure I should be hugging and kissing everyone with my immune system being a bit suppressed, but we're family and what a boost I got from all the "Glad to see you out and about!" and "You're looking well."  If I'm a tower of strength it's because you guys are the mortar between the bricks. 

Eventually I think Ellen took pity on Pauline and Gillian standing waiting for me, and I eventually listened when she said “Right you, you've done more than enough, time to go home."  I'd had a brilliant day, I felt ok and I didn't want it to end, so we said out goodbyes and was walking away when Ellen called us back, they were just going to do the prize giving and Pauline got 3rd old dear, Mel got 3rd not so old dear so a wee bonus before we headed home.

I planned a lazy Sunday and had a bit of a lie in but as the day wore on I got even more tired and kept falling asleep watching the telly, I was totally wiped out and on Monday and Tuesday, I asked Pauline to drive me to the Western both days, I felt fine to drive myself on Wednesday, but I still feel tired but it was worth it, thank you all for making my day.

That's nearly the second week of radiotherapy done, my mouth is getting sore and food is starting to taste funny but almost a third done. I do feel more tired than I thought I would at this stage of my treatment, but I’ll just go with the flow and not force anything, this is a six week ultra and one thing I'm good at is my pace judgement, it is going to get a lot tougher but I'm focussed on the finish.  Hands up, chin down.


Helen said...

wonderful to see you and the daisy boots at Rowardennan you are looking great! Keep fighting xx

Anne Wombill said...

ALL the girls! He only fessed up about ONE of them! Suppose I should be used to it by now!
Seriously, I'm glad you had a great day out :-) Thanks for another excellent blog!

Lorna Maclean said...

It was great to see you at Rowardennan Fiona. Inspirational as always. Keep on keeping on x

KarenR said...

Was great to see you and have a quick chat. You were looking amazingly happy,
Almost half way and you are still slugging it out with a winning determination.
Take care x

Anonymous said...

That early alarm call on Saturday is taking all of us a bit of time to recover from (apart from "early doors every day" Sandra, maybe). Great to see you, many thanks for all the support. MtM xxx

Keith Ainslie said...

Made my day getting my medal from you, lovely to see you

Lee Maclean said...

Hey lady it wad great to have you hang out with us on Saturday. Sorry for being all mother hen on you but someone had to do it. You've inspired me in more ways than one. Time for me to get the gloves on and take one for the team xxx

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you but that is one scarey photie!!Wonder you didn't run a mile when you saw me coming towards you. You were looking really well not surprised you needed soem recovery time but gald you felt it was worth it. See you soon.

Julie said...

It wouldn't have been the same without you. A six week ultra? Does that mean you're up to about Rowardennan now?

Subversive Runner said...

Great to see you,

Caroline said...

It was great to see you, an inspiration more than ever!

John Kynaston said...

It was great to see you at Rowardennan last Saturday and the finish.

Praying your treatment is successful.


Santababy said...

marvellous boost ot get my medal from you :) xxx