Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Knitted WHW Hat

After seeing the post for a Christmas sale of WHW clothing on the facebook page using this picture
it gave me the idea of knitting myself a hat with the WHW thistle on it, so I took my old magnet off the fridge and used it to work out a thistle that would be a good size on a hat done with double knitting wool.

A wee practice square to see what it would look like then added the celtic knot pattern just because I like it. I used size 9 needles so it was a nice snug fit, (circumference 18 inches) so if you want it bigger, use size 8 needles or add an extra celtic knot pattern it's an 8 stitch repeat, or do your own thing and just have the thistle on its own. 

Cast on 100 stitches, starting with a purl row work stocking stitch for 23 rows (or if you don't like the roll brim just do a ribbed one, rib 19 row then st st for 4 more rows if you want a turn up) then follow grid for 15 rows,  I did 5 repeats of knot either side of the thistle. I had a 2 stitch gap between the thistle and celtic knot.

After pattern I did 21 rows in stocking stitch, add more if you wish.

Shaping the top
Row 1 K1, K2 tog, K7, repeat to end
Row 2 and alternate rows Purl
Row 3 K1, then K2tog, K6 to end
Row 5 K1, then K2tog, K5 to end
Row 7 K1, then K2tog, K4 to end
Row 9 K1, then K2tog, K3 to end
Row 11 K1, then K2tog, K2 to end
Row 13 K1, then K2tog, K1 to end
Row15 K2 tog to end
Row 16 Purl
thread wool through remaining 12 stitches and fasten off.
Make a pompom if you want.

A wee update - 

The Great Glen edition, after Helen asked if I did it on four needles, I hadn't, the purple one was on two needles but I thought I'd have a go, so got myself some size 4mm double pointed needles  ( I tend to knit in old money since most of my needles were my Grandma's, it's a lovely thought that most of my knitting is done on needles that my baby stuff and kid jumpers were done on.)

I didn't bother with starting with a purl row since it's all done in knit, the brim still rolled up nicely and it's a tiny wee bit bigger than the purple one done on slightly smaller needles.


Helen said...

not just an awesome runner - thank you!!

run and be mum said...

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing

run and be mum said...

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing

www.uk-essay-reviews.com said...

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pattern, Fiona! How much time did it take you, by the way? I'm sure it didn't take you long to knit it, did it?