Sunday, 13 May 2018

Smokies 10

I’ve neglected my blog the past wee while but I fair enjoyed writing my race tale for the Fling so I thought I’ll try and write a bit more often. So here’s a wee blogette from this mornings Smokies 10.

I don’t run races for times just for the pleasure these days except for Smokies 10 and with this going to be my 25th running of it, I was aiming for a top five in my finishing times,  I first ran it in 1992, I’ve missed a couple of years, I was pregnant in 1995 and I missed it the year it was postponed with the foot and mouth outbreak.

So January and February, I worked hard at speed work, all was going to plan for the race at the beginning of March then it snowed! The race was cancelled and when a new date was announced I had a wee panic hoping it didn’t clash with anything else, a quick check, relief, it didn’t...but it was a fortnight after the Fling and a week after covering another 50 miles doing Ally K’s 10 Island Challenge support with a night with no sleep thrown in for good measure (I started writing an account of that last night so will get that posted soon) Oh well, no top five time then but I’ll see how I feel and run accordingly, this week I’ve felt really tired and my run on Thursday was as spritely as a sack o’ tatties on legs!

After yesterday’s weather being gorgeous I was hoping for more of the same but I knew the forecast, another soggy one then! Oh well, I suppose I’m used to it. Just before the start, there was a heavy shower and we stayed in the Leisure Centre until the last minute before heading out to the start.  Smokies 10 is a ladies only race and it’s lovely to run without the blokes, I had a wee giggle to myself at an overheard conversation as we were waiting to start. “I’m wearing a waterproof mascara today.” The reply “Me too, and a little eyeliner as well.” I just thought, I like to wear gloves, they’re the best for wiping the snotters and slavers off!

Luckily the rain eased and stopped just as we started, I kept a good steady, let’s see how this goes effort, mile markers were coming in, a bit of a novelty for me, most of my races don’t have them, I didn’t look at my watch, I’ve been running with my body for a lot longer than a Garmin, I was letting my perception of effort be my guide, I was working hard regardless of the pace, at least it wasn’t as windy as it has been in previous races heading up the hills and eventually on the way back my gloves came off and my sleeves pushed up, I was breathing deep and controlled, it’s quite different and not easier trying to run a short (for me) race at a quicker pace than my comfortable ultra shuffle but at least you don’t have to hang on for so long, I was pushing as hard as I could at the end and finished with 1.26.42 chip time and 3rd auld burd over 55, I was 8 minutes outside my Smokies PB set in 2013 but I’ll claim a top ten finish in my list, still really pleased with my performance, age and time irrelevant! Just glad I’m still here to give it welly!

Arbroath Footers, thank you all for another grand day out, a great medal, t-shirt and wine in the goody bag plus the usual quality post race buffet, see you all again next year, thank you!

P.S. Stopped at the fish shop at the harbour on the way home, Smokies for tea along with my wine, perfect!

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