Friday, 1 January 2010

It was with a little trepidation that I read my previous post. It wasn’t quite the polished article I was planning but you get the jist of what was a highlight for me last year, and next time I talk about footballers I promise not to be so polite and I’ll let you know what I really think! Here’s a wee thing that I am proud of though.

Pauline completed the Marcothon Challenge this morning here’s what she had to say on it.

Done and dusted - Feel pretty pleased with myself that I've completed the Marcothon Challenge - here's a wee report.


Okay - so I started a day late - a great challenge particularly for a period when it can be tough to get your butt out of the door. Originally I thought the challenge wouldn't be too difficult in a physical sense - the greater challenge would be logistically fitting it all in - however I didn't reckon on the Snow Queen and her icy grip on the land. 31 days running consecutively with the final 16 days on snow, slush or ice. At first if was fun, trotting about shin deep in snow in the style of a prancing pony but the novelty of the snow wore off fairly quickly and the real challenge began. I wasn't training for anything specifically, I wasn't running hard enough or far enough for a physical benefit - so why was I doing it? I decided that this was more of a mental toughness challenge - a display of determination. The final week was pretty much the minimum 25 minutes, one night I forgot my head torch and ended up like the caged lion pacing to and fro along the edge of the grassy field within the limit of the street lights. One particular sub-zero evening Tim suggested (in the interest of safety) that I run around inside the house! Nope - I don't think so - how to make 25 minutes seem like an hour! The final day today - a great wee session in the daylight doing hill reps over Whinneyburn Ridge (it sounds dramatic but it's just a hump of grass at the back of the house). Challenge complete - I'm smug and happy!

A summary: total miles 125.93 (white miles 50.56). Favourite run on Christmas day - a beautiful bright sunny day which caught the snow crystals and I felt like I was running along a carpet of diamonds. My least favourite run on Boxing Day probably due to the quantity of bubbly consumed the day before. Longest run: 8.37 miles Shortest run: 1.75 miles
Will I do it again - most definitely!

Pauline Walker


Anonymous said...

Proud moments - me too - mine's is still on top of the telly!
Pauline x
(BTW : the code word for last night's post was something like pishhed - now why did I think of you!)

lesleyh said...

Well done Pauline! Shame I couldn't keep up with you both - maybe next time eh?