Friday, 1 January 2010

Weell dae I want to post this but I’m half a bottle of wine and two goblets of Talisker down and still up but folk have be posting their revue of 2009 and I thought I’d do the same . I enjoy running and FFS I I got to run for Scotland! Now how the * did that happen!!! I run purely for fun but when I knew I was selected for Scotland that was a different ball game (not that I compare fanny around with a football on a Saturday afternoon anything to do with athleticism) I took my training serious ! I had never taken my training so serious in my life, there was no way I would let Scotland down! From Jan 1st I worked my socks off! I enjoyed the WHW, Pauline was keeping me company, but I was a bit worried that it wasn’t a PB but the WHW was for love of running not for PB so I didn’t drop my expectations .
Keswick was hard, my quads were sore after 50km and the smell of the diesel from the generators made me feel sick, My feet were bleeding but I never stopped moving forward. I ran 107, miles not my goal but in comparison with Pauline and Lynne that was no bad at all! We brought home a bronze medel!!! What ever 2010 bring as long as I can put one foot in front of the other I’ll be happy.


Subversive Runner said...

Happy New Year,

John Kynaston said...

Happy New Year Fiona.


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Great year Fiona! Happy 2010. xx

Anonymous said...

Do you want to post this? Yes - no - yes !!! I hope yer heid isnae hurtin too much! That's what you get for drinking "to Tyndrum - twice!!"
Pauline x

Davie said...

2009 - so good you posted it twice!

Happy New Year to you and yours.


lesleyh said...

Brilliant Fiona, so pie-eyed you had to do it twice. Happy new running year. Hope 2010 brings much joy and success.