Sunday, 20 February 2011

My Mum is my inspiration

I’m kinda struggling how to start this, this is meant to be a blog about running, I have BIG goals for this year, especially September, but I’ve had a bit of a wee problem with my left Achilles but it will recover and normal service will be resumed shortly.

Family stuff has had my full attention this past week, Crawford, my Mum’s partner, after suffering a couple of weeks of pains in his legs has been taken into hospital, at the end of 2009 he was diagnosed and treated for leukaemia and has been in remission until now, it is back and has been told it maybe weeks rather than months. (He is a strong dude with a sense a humour, he will pass that.)

Mum was into her second day of a three day and her sixth cycle of chemo when we heard this news. I’ve taken her up to the Queen Margaret Hospital at every opportunity. Mum made me smile, she is coping effin brilliantly. Walking back to the car in the rain after hearing this, (I had managed to park fairly close), Mum said “Let’s walk fast, I shouldn’t get my wig wet. I should carry a wee brolly” On her 70th birthday she vowed never to wear a white polyester cardi or a rain-mate. So with a cheeky glint in my eye I said “You should keep a rain-mate in your bag.” Her sharp reply “I’ll buy a new wig first!”

She will never give in, I am proud to be my mother’s daughter.


Subversive Runner said...

I am humbled,

allybea said...

If only life was as simple as running (((hug)))

Love Ali xxx

John Kynaston said...

Your Mum sounds a real character!

Praying for you all at this time.

Santababy said...

that's given me goosebumps, stay strong x